Sure! Even websites should be tested to find out if they are clear, effective and easy to use. A website specifically designed for tourist reservations has been tested by travel agents selected by Testpoint.

Test objective? Check the clarity and usability of the website

How can you understand if the website that a company has designed – investing time and money – is then really useful and effective? Simple! Some prototypes need to be tested by potential users, observe them while they are surfing to evaluate the performance of the various features of the website, the ease of use and the efficiency of the system and check if and where they encounter difficulties. This is the meaning of a Usability Test.

Surfing experience, perception and emotions

Very often, it is not only the usability that is evaluated – that is the technical aspect – but also a wider context is investigated, the emotional one which is indicated with the English expression of User Experience, i.e. the set of emotions, perceptions and reactions that a person experiences when interfacing with a product or service.

A very interesting experience: read what a participant told about this

We interviewed one of the travel agents recruited to participate in our market research: it is Antonio C., 45 y.o., owner of a travel agency in Rome.

Recruitment was carried out by Testpoint. I found this experience really interesting and also important from a professional point of view. For my work, I am used to visit websites that allow the booking of multiple tourist services, not only flights and hotels, but also complementary services such as bus transfers or even limousine, or excursions, guided tours, museum admissions or tickets for shows. But I had never wondering what was behind the scenes and what criteria the website was made of. Test Point gave me the chance to find out!

Before starting, there was a short interview, then we moved on to the actual test where I had to perform some computer tasks.

During the test, I had to use a new website while my work was observed by those who had designed / created it and those who want to market it, through a web streaming system that shown at the same time my face and the computer screen. A picture-in-picture system and a chat were available with which those observing my work could send messages and indications.

In the end, I was asked to describe my experience in using this prototype and its functionalities and to indicate positive and negative elements of the various web pages, in particular as regards the clarity of the instructions and the contents.

Three words to define this experience? Interesting, stimulating, original.”