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To carry out good marketing research, it is essential to have appropriate spaces.

Facilities, Testpoint Milano


450 sq. meters

A functional space where you can meet consumers and listen to their needs. 450 square metres divided into various areas.
A comfortable location that makes the testing experience ideal for anybody who takes part in it.

Facilities,Testpoint Bologna


300 sq. meters

Our facility in Bologna offers specifically designed, tailor-made spaces for qualitative and quantitative fieldwork: a comfortable lounge for clients who want to attend the fieldwork, a test room with 30 workstations, a cozy and functional focus room and ample parking.


Facilities,Testpoint Roma


140 sq. meters

Like all the other big cities in Europe, Rome is so big that going from one place to another can be time consuming. For this reason, when choosing a location for our venue, we focused mainly on a place that would be readily accessible and with a carpark nearby. Additionally, the spacious and comfortable rooms are equipped for focus groups, in-depth interviews and taste tests.


Facilities, Testpoint Napoli


300 sq. meters

Located in the heart of the city, in a central and well-connected area, this elegant and functional location is ideal for any type of market research. The perfectly equipped kitchen and the large consumer room make it suitable for taste tests while the comfortable and cozy client room and the bright and spacious interviewing room are the ideal environment for any qualitative research.


We want you to feel at ease

To create our rooms we have thought of everything that could be convenient to a marketing researcher.
Rooms equipped for

  • focus groups
  • research with children
  • client’s viewing through one-way mirror
  • in-depth interviews
  • taste tests
  • sniff tests
  • sample preparation
  • stockage and storage of products
Professional services

  • recruitment
  • interviewer coordination
  • translation of materials
  • note-taking
  • assistance
  • moderation
  • simultaneous translation
  • transcripts
Technical services

  • Audio and video recording
  • Web cam based interview
  • Web streaming (Milan and Naples: also Focus Vision)
  • Simultaneous translation equipment
Other services

  • catering
  • incentive purchase
  • purchase of products to be tested
  • sample logistics
  • de-branding, labelling and preparation of the samples
  • kitchen equipped for taste tests

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Testpoint MilanoTestpoint BolognaTestpoint NapoliTestpoint Roma
By-street recruitmentYesYes
Recruitment of any target / on client’s listYesYesYesYes
Sniff testYesYesYesYes
Rooms for fgs/idisYesYesYesYes
Equipment for product testsYesYesYesYes

Details of technical equipment for product test

Testpoint MilanoTestpoint BolognaTestpoint NapoliTestpoint Roma
Test boothsup to 24up to 15up to 15up to 12

Technical equipment for focus groups / qualitative surveys

Testpoint MilanoTestpoint BolognaTestpoint NapoliTestpoint Roma
Interviewing rooms1121
Viewing rooms with one-way mirror or close-circuit tv1 for max 6 attendees1 for max 4 attendees1 for max 12 attendees
1 for max 6 attendees
1 for max 6 attendees
Audio and video recordingYesYesYesYes


Testpoint MilanoTestpoint BolognaTestpoint NapoliTestpoint Roma
Total cold storage capacity [L]15001300520550
Freezer total capacity [L]1200900130750
Microwave Ovens4112
Electric ovens211

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