Enter the testpoint video chat room

Interact with participants in real time through a modern and secure platform.

All you need is an internet connection, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Recruiting, fieldwork management, audio and video recording of interviews and immediate download of transcripts in several languages.


VIDEO live focus groups

  • Quickly organise and conduct live groups
  • Share digital media
  • Playback the session immediately at the end
  • Audio & video record the focus group
  • Interact with clients during the session
  • Compatibility with any webcam or microphone

VIDEO live in-depth interviewing

  • A useful solution to capture opinions and insights in real time in total anonymity
  • Image, text and video display
  • Private chat with participants and observers
  • Transcripts immediately available

VIDEO facility observation

  • Carry out your market research in a traditional facility and transmit audio and video to remote viewers
  • Virtual viewing room for clients in every corner of the world through any type of device (pc, tablet or smartphone)

VIDEO ethnography

  • Observe your consumers in their natural environment
  • Be anywhere at any time

VIDEO briefing

  • Brief interviewers
  • Audio and video record of the briefings
  • Briefing transcripts immediately available
  • Pilot interviews with interviewers
  • Clients can participate in the briefing with the interviewers

Welcome to your virtual space for online market research

Everything you need in order to listen to your consumers in a single webcam interviewing platform.

Discover agile market research

Millions of panellists at your disposal to give you the information you need.

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