Protagonist of today’s test is Philadelphia Mousse, the new product in the range of Philadelphia cream cheese.


Package and size

The packaging is essential, with colours and pictures typical of the Philadelphia products, but in a package and size which are different than usual: a re-sealable 140g plastic cup.


The use of a re-sealable cup makes me think that this alternative to the classic Philadelphia cheese has been conceived to be mostly used as a snack, in addition to more common uses of this product in refined recipes: spread on a piece of bread or vegetable, such as a strip of carrot or a half tomato.
This is why I decided to test it spread on a cracker, besides tasting it as is.


The tasting

Just by looking at it you will understand the texture of Philadelphia Mousse is completely different from the classic variant of the product.
When tasting it you immediately feel its fluffy and airy texture, quite unusual in cream cheese – normally rather sticky – which I like very much.
The taste is very similar to the classic Philadelphia, but more delicate and less sour.
I find the product absolutely fresh and appetizing, however its main strength is definitely its innovative texture which makes this cheese even easier to spread, and differentiates it from the other cream cheese on the market.


And what about you? Have you tasted the new Philadelphia Mousse yet?

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