Protagonist of today’s product test is the vanilla-flavoured Coca-Cola.

“Vanilla Coke”, as it is called in the USA, is one of the best selling flavoured drinks overseas, together with “Cherry Coke”.
Sold in supermarkets and appreciated in a huge number of countries in the world, including Europe, it was not yet part of the Italian “Coca-cola family”.
On the Italian website of the company, in fact, you will not find any images of this peculiar can.
At the moment, this product can be purchased only in shops specializing in international products or, more rarely, in some supermarkets.

Are you not curious to taste it with me?!

When I decided to test this product at home and write here my opinion, I immediately thought that the other citizens of this community, like me, would find it interesting to learn more about this different version of a drink everybody knows, from adults to children.

For a start, we cannot but speak about the packaging: it is a 330ml can very similar to the classic one but with slightly different colours.
The colour chosen for the brand symbol, between yellow and beige, recalls the colour of the drink itself, which makes the can immediately recognizable, even before you drink the read “vanilla” on it.


Aroma and taste


When smelling the product, the vanilla aroma, perceivable but delicate, immediately recalled something sweet in my mind, a freshly baked cake or biscuit.

Upon drinking it, I perceived several similarities with the classic Coca-Cola: same frizziness, texture in mouth and, after pouring it into a glass, a very similar colour, too.
The main flavour perceived is unequivocally vanilla. It is strong but not too much and makes the drink very sweet.
For this reason, if I had to accompany the drink with a snack, I would go for something as sweet, I would not eat anything savoury like cocktails snacks, for example.


And you? What do you think? Have you ever tasted vanilla Coke?

Write here your opinion and, if you are curious and interested like me in testing products at home and express your opinion, join our online community!


di Pierluigi Salzano