A citizen of our online community tells about her first experience of product testing.

Bianca was lucky, the test hit her in one of her weak points….chocolate pudding!


Bianca’s experience


Pack delivery

When I received the first pack of products to be tested, I really had no idea of what could be inside.
I knew it probably contained products I regularly use, because I filled out a questionnaire about my consumption habits when I registered, but I would have never imagined it could be my greatest sin of gluttony: chocolate.


Diet, exercise, herbal tea and low-cal food, a must to keep fit, people say.
But I cannot and do not want to renounce my daily dose of chocolate!


I must admit that receiving chocolate pudding as the first product to test not only confirmed my theory that chocolate is necessary to live a happy life but also intrigued me a lot.


The idea of testing at home a product I often use and which, in my case, is always connected to a relaxing moment to enjoy at the end of the day immediately cheered me up.

Tasting experience

Evening comes and I decide to start tasting.
Children are sleeping, I hold my teaspoon in one hand and the pudding pot in the other one, my tablet in front of me displaying the questionnaire to be completed during the different test phases, from the pot opening to the actual tasting.


Being led through the product tasting made me notice for the first time all the details, all the senses involved, other than taste, when you simply say “I like it” or “I would prefer it …” to your family or just to yourself.


Evening after evening, spoonful after spoonful, the careful observation of the pudding, tasting and evaluation became more and more interesting.
I had the feeling that I could not only enjoy my daily sweet treat but also say my word on a product I know well, I like and I feel “expert” in.


For all these reasons I can’t wait to take part in the next test.


(Hopefully I’ll get something not as gluttonous…or else I’ll have to join the gym again!)


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by Livia Martini