Today we want to publish pictures of a focus group transmitted in video conference from TestPoint facility in Rome directly to the PCs of the clients, interested in listening to respondents’ opinions.


Focus group is a qualitative survey technique conceived in the middle of last century in the field of social sciences and subsequently used in market research and marketing.


Today, this methodology – which is intended to listen to consumer’s views – is used as a method to provide companies with assessments and opinions about a product, idea, or company by the reference target.


At the meeting venue – which can be physical or virtual in the case of an online focus group – the participants – usually between 8 and 10 people – exchange their views on the subject in question, in a relaxed and friendly environment.


The focus group moderator – skilled and expert in psychological / sociological matters – leads the group avoiding that the discussion goes off topic or loses the right pace; to make this, they use a “discussion guide”. Focus group participants, on the other hand, take part in the discussion and they share thoughts and opinions on the topic discussed.


Meetings generally take place in hotels or locations designed to host them. We have 4 TestPoint in Italy – exclusively dedicated to consumer research – in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Naples.