Our testers are people who love telling their opinions and who are interested in sharing their ideas with those who – within the Companies – work to improve the products we use every day.

We do not ask our testers to advertise or to get reviews, on the contrary, we aim at getting their spontaneous feedback. Negative assessments are welcome, they are useful for Companies to make their offer closer and closer to their customers’ expectations.

Anyway, to improve products, to check their sensory features, their quality, you don’t need “real consumers” only – like those within our families – but also professional testers.

– What are our testers’ main features?

Our testers are people trained to recognize the specific characteristics of a product and to measure the perceived intensity, people who love participating in product innovation and improvement.

What criteria must they meet? They need to:

  • be 18 to 60 years old

  • be interested in joining a group of testers

  • have some free time for this

  • be able to use a PC

  • be non-smokers

  • have minimum a junior high school education

  • be non allergic or intolerant or pregnant

  • Not to be on a restrictive diet (for diabetics, hypocaloric, hyper caloric, without salt, etc.), neither vegans nor vegetarians

  • Not to suffer any impairment of the sense of smell, of the sense of taste or of the eyesight

… and in particular to have time to dedicate to the taste sessions because tests can be carried out in the morning or in the afternoon or, anyway, to be available – outsides their working hours – to reach our test centers and to participate in our taste tests lasting about 1 hour. Their availability will be rewarded with a little incentive.