Coming directly from Japan, a new type of café where the real protagonists are not cappuccino, tea, coffee or pastries but cats.

Inside the Neko ( 猫カフェ, which means “cat” in Japanese) cafés, indeed, cats are free to move around and play with the customers.
Very appreciated by feline lovers, these cafés have quickly spread also in Europe and, more recently, in Italy, too.

– A few rules for a pleasant coexistence

In order to allow cats and cat lovers to fully enjoy a coffee break together, a few rules for the customers have been set, so that the pets are not overstressed with a consequent alteration of the equilibrium in the feline colony.
For example, you can stroke cats but you cannot hold them (many cats do not love being “constraint”).
And again, you can take pictures but can’t use the flash; it is absolutely forbidden to feed them or bring along other pets.

– Everything is…!

In Cat Cafés cats are literally everywhere. Besides the flesh and blood pets, they are printed on mugs, napkins and on the walls. In many of these places themed-gadgets are also sold: books, note-books and stuffed animals.
I have personally been to three cat cafés and I must admit cats create a really pleasant atmosphere.
I obviously realize, as well, that somebody may be annoyed by the presence of animals in a place where food is served.
I’m very curious to read your comments on this!

– And you? What do you think about this?

Have you ever been to a Cat Café? Do you think you would like sipping a hot drink while stroking a soft big cat?

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