Storing food in the fridge in the proper way is absolutely necessary so that what we eat is healthy and not harmful.
Appropriate storage of food also guarantees that the physical (taste, texture, aroma) and nutritional properties of the food remain unaltered.
The Ministry of Health has recognized the importance of this issue and has dedicated a section of its portal to the home storage of food, with specific rules on how to store food in the fridge, efficiently summarized in a sort of manual.

– Expiry dates and warnings

It may seem obvious, but checking the expiry date before using a product is a crucial step for a healthy nutrition. Many packages also report the number of days a product can be eaten for once it has been opened and the most appropriate storage conditions for that specific product: in these cases, we simply need to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and we will be sure we are storing our product properly.

– To each food type its package and place

The material of the container chosen to store our food in the fridge is fundamental: paper, for example, is perfect for vegetables but to be absolutely avoided to store red meat and poultry.
These are only some of the rules to follow every day to store products safely and specifically for the type of food.
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– And you? What do you think about it?


by Livia Martini