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Recruiting and interviewing for on line and off line marketing research




Recruitment and fieldwork coordination


The Testpoint team recruits respondents combining traditional systems (recruitment via database, client’s list, by street, mail, telephone) with the most modern techniques of selection through on line panels or targeted social media campaigns. Our goal is to be able to complete the quotas required. To achieve this, once the potential target has been identified, we send out an on line screening, followed by a telephone check. This further contact allows us to have confirmation of the eligibility criteria. The accuracy and care we put on following the different screening phases ensures our clients a high level of quality in the recruitment and consequently in the interviews.

Consumer research fieldwork


Fieldwork with consumers has always been an area of specialization for Testpoint. For years, we have been helping our clients listen to consumers to improve their products and services. And it is on the basis of this long experience that our facilities in Milan, Rome, Naples and Bologna were conceived, designed and created to best carry out product tests in central locations. Furthermore, our network of 1000 interviewers throughout Italy – all equipped with tablets or PCs with proprietary software – allows us to carry out in-home tests everywhere in Italy. This type of organization enables our clients to easily attend the product tests carried out in a central location and to have – very quickly – the data, useful for their decision-making process.

B2B Research fieldwork


B2B research is the most difficult to manage: the reference targets are small and difficult to reach and the topics are frequently highly technical and specific which represents a very complex mix to deal with. We try our best to satisfy our clients, adopting the most appropriate recruitment technique for each case, involving interviewers and moderators specialized in the specific area, so they can “get in tune” with clients and respondents.

Healthcare research fieldwork


Offering fieldwork in this particular area means to be able to recruit first and then to interview patients and healthcare professionals. If the recruitment of patients can be more or less complex according to the incidence of the condition, the interview may be difficult because of the reluctance of patients to discuss their healthcare problems, in addition to a comprehensible discretion. On the other hand, regarding the recruitment of healthcare professionals, first of all you need to overcome the limited availability of time and their busy agenda, and then you must be able to administer highly complex scientific interviews. Thanks to 20 years of experience and to a large team of recruiters and moderators, Testpoint can meet the needs of the most demanding clients in this area.