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Recruiting: a case study

The first step in market research is always to select the right people to interview. This is what is considered as recruitment. Recruitment is the activity of research and selection of the sample to be interviewed, according to eligibility criteria, often agreed with the client, based on the product / service to be tested and the reference market

Our experience in the field

Sample selection

In order to conduct market research, it is necessary the support of companies that carry out all those activities essential to organize the survey. These activities are referred to as fieldwork.

Those who deals with fieldwork must first invite the sample to be interviewed, based on the product or service to be tested. The recruitment phase is a very delicate moment for the success of the project and for the reliability of the results: it is essential that people are chosen according to specific eligibility criteria, i.e. they are on target.

There are different recruitment methodologies: expert recruiters can be used to select people starting from their database; another methodology is by street, appropriate when the eligibility criteria are few and not particularly difficult to satisfy; respondents can be recruited from names indicated on a list provided by the client (in the case, for example, of highly specific professional targets); finally, an online panel can be used.


Potentially everyone can participate in a market survey for the simple fact that everyone is a consumer, however for participation it is essential to meet specific eligibility criteria. Often you start from a pre-screening, that is a pre-selection made through a short questionnaire that can also be online. People who are on target are then contacted for telephone screening.

The recruitment is transversal to all the methodologies of market analysis and it is the first phase both in case of quantitative and qualitative interviews. From a quantitative survey – which may also require the use or tasting of a product – you obtain the measurement of a given phenomenon. A qualitative survey can be made of single or group interviews, it requires a moderator who invites respondents to freely express their opinions about the tested product or service and it explains why a given phenomenon occurs.

Schematically we can say that recruitment can be referred to three different categories: consumers, professionals and doctors.

For consumers, a panel can be used, i.e. a group of people selected for the purpose of evaluating one or more products. This method is used specifically for quantitative and online tests or for testing products at home.

For doctors and professionals, who are a more difficult target to reach, in general we use the collaboration of specific professional figures, the recruiters specialized in this type of work who have their own specific database.

Recruitment & Recruitment

Sometimes very special recruitment is required: for example, it may be required to find people with a specific profile who will then be part of a specific online community where the characteristics of a product will be discussed.

Recruitment for B2B interviews – an acronym that stands for “Business to Business” – are also very interesting: those are interviews in which not consumers but professionals are recruited, for example business managers or specific professional categories.

You have to find people able to download an app on their mobile phone and then test it, giving qualitative feedback, or even people who will then have to participate in a workshop or a mystery shopping…. In short, there are really no limits, you can select any type of profile, for any type of research and with a variety of methodologies!

The respondents will be “rewarded” for their commitment with the tested products or other types of gifts.