-Hi, tell me something about you…

I am currently working as a manager for an important international group dealing with industrial general hardware, involved in the development of the sales force in Italy
I love history, archeology and travelling very much.
All this, together with my passion for photography, led me to realizing different photographic reportages, published on the magazine “Airone”.
Moreover, in the past years, I had the pleasure of seeing my articles published on the magazine “Storia e Dossier”.

-How long have you been part of our community – OpinionCity – for?

About 1 year and a half.

-How did you hear about OpinionCity?

Friends of mine – who are members of your community – told me about it and suggested me subscribing as they had a very good experience.
They rightly thought that taking part in product testing and in the other activities of OpinionCity could be interesting and even funny for me.

What do you think of our community?

I think that OpinionCity is a good opportunity to significantly contribute in improving the quality of the food products we consume every day.
I like the fact that I can contribute, with my opinion, to the improvement process.

-What kind of products have you tested so far?

In the last year and a half, I have taken part in different OpinionCity tests.
The last products I tested and assessed were panettoni, mortadella and different types of beer.

Did anyone asked you to advertise the products you received through word-of-mouth campaigns on social networks or to purchase anything?

No, never.
The only thing I was asked for was to test the products and to answer the questionnaire, telling my personal opinion, being this positive or negative.