Hi, tell me something about you…

I have worked for 10 years in the catering industry and when “the interviewers” used to came and visited us, I always wondered what I could do to try to do their same job. I like market research even if I have never worked in this area.

How long have you been a member of our community – OpinionCity – for?

2 years.

How did you hear about OpinionCity?

A friend of mine who is part of your community told me about this .

What do you think of our community?

I have had very good experience so far. The first time, I received an email and I filled out a questionnaire, then I was contacted by someone from the staff. This person was very polite and professional. Then, when I received the products at home, I was in touch with the project manager who carefully and closely followed me.

Why did you decide to take part in our surveys?

It is always a very satisfying experience. As I said before, even if I did not succeed, this is the kind of job I would have liked to do, testing the food quality … anyway, answering questionnaires, taking part in surveys is a passion.
When I test a product, I put in the shoes of those who want to eat something that will not disappoint them, like me, that is why I do this with great care.

What kind of products have you tested in the last 2 years?

I tested the products once and then again the same products after a couple of months because the survey implied to repeat the same test twice in a row. In this case, I received the products at home.
In other cases, I was invited at your Test Center in Milan where I tested ice cream once and then mozzarella.

Did anyone asked you to advertise the products you received through word-of-mouth campaigns on social networks or to purchase anything?

Never. On the contrary, I was required not to discuss with others about my testing experience. Moreover, often the package is blind so I can’t even know the brand of the product.