In the last few weeks, more and more frequently, at our Test Centers in Milan, Rome, Naples and Bologna we have had the pleasure to see OpinionCity citizens taking part in the tests we organize on different food products.

We started this collaboration with a test on rice, almond and coconut vegetable drinks that are increasingly replacing cow milk in the diet of many: in this case, participants tasted different products, assessing each of them.

Other citizens took part in a beer test, tasting 4 different types of which they did not know the brand, evaluating them for colour, taste and amount of foam in the glass.

In both cases, as always in these occasions, all the citizens who participated in the tests went through a preliminary telephone screening questionnaire administered by OpinionCity interviewers that enables to select people who meet the requirements to attend the tests. (This is essential: can you imagine a teetotaler while testing beers?!)

Another test involving our citizens in Rome and Milan concerned some sauces used to cook pan-cooked chicken-based second courses. Respondents, on 2 different days, tasted 5 new products, assessing them for colour, aroma and flavour.

To take part in the test, the selected persons visited the locations on the days and times indicated by the interviewers at the end of the screening call and, with great interest, they filled in the questionnaire, receiving, at the end, an incentive to thank them of their time.

-Would you like to take part in our tests?

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As happened to the tests participants of whom we told in this post, you could be invited to take part in our events and you can also suggest to invite other people who could be interested.

The aim is to involve the largest possible number of people who are willing to give their contribution to companies that want to improve their products.

Thanks to its citizens, our Community is developing and growing very fast.

We are really happy to have you at our Test Centers and to keep giving voice to your ideas!

Laura Parodi