The world of fashion and fair trading do not seem – at first glance – to have much in common.


Catwalks, designers’ labels and new collections on one side; ecology, solidarity and sustainability on the other side.


This is the reason why I decided to look into ethical fashion and understand how the idea of fashion and the idea of sustainability can combine and create an alternative shopping option for consumers.


-What exactly is it?


Ethical fashion is one of the several interpretations of critical and responsible consumption.


What marks it out is the fact that all the companies and the cooperatives manufacturing clothing this way operate in full compliance with the strict labour laws, to safeguard the working conditions of every person involved in the production chain.


The textile raw materials are, in fact, very often processed in the so-called “third world” countries, where the minimum standards, in terms of both payment and safety, are very very low.


In ethical fashion the law is the same for everybody, wherever they are: each worker is protected and fairly paid.


-The raw materials


As regards fabrics and the other raw materials used to manufacture ethical fashion cloths, they are produced and treated respecting the environment and people’s health.


They are all natural and sustainable, from organic farming, not allergenic or harmful to the skin.


Bags, scarves, dresses and accessories will therefore be the result of an ethical production method supporting developing populations, environment-friendly and safe


Now it is possible to find fair trading cloths for every taste and at every price, particularly in specialized shops…this said, there is nothing left but choose and shop!


-And you? What do you think about this?


Had you ever heard about ethical fashion before?


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Livia Martini