Thanks to the several compact and functional composters available on the market, we don’t necessarily need to have a garden to make our own 100% natural fertilizer from our waste.
Just a balcony or a terrace and a least 20 plants, and we will be able to grow our plants with a natural compost, contributing to reduce costs of waste disposal and pollution.

– How does it work?

Composting is not difficult, we will only need practice and to follow a few, simple rules such as the right layering of the compost pile in the composter, the controlled temperature and humidity in order to avoid bad smelling and keep fungi, insects and bacteria in good health to do their job and transform our waste.

There is a wide range of composters available or home-made, the choice depends on our requirements. We might want to place the composter in a garden or in a balcony, or in a common space to be shared with other families contributing to composting, etc.
Each type of composter has its own rules: adhere to them, follow the process carefully and that’s it!
We will have our natural fertilizer, we will “environmentally” dispose of our home waste and we will be proud for helping save our planet from…. itself and from ourselves, as well as from our waste.

– And you, what do you think? Have you ever thought of composting?

by Pierluigi Salzano