Food trucks, also referred to as wheeled restaurants, represent by now a widely appreciated reality and are rapidly spreading throughout Italy, too, after becoming a symbol of the streatlife in the UK and the USA.
Also in a country like Italy, where the traditional cuisine and its classical restaurants – from taverns to exclusive ones – represent a feather in the cap and one of the strengths in the promotion of the “cuisine made in Italy” abroad, food trucks are attracting more and more customers and enthusiastic consumers.
Contributing factors are definitely the low price and the variety of the dishes served, as well as the handiness and speed of the service.


If you want to know where these trucks are and find out more about them, download Streeteat, the first app for Italian food trucks.
Thanks to this free app you will always be able to know where the nearest truck is, know more about it, read the menus, view pictures and other details, as well as all content shared across their social networks…simply on your smartphone.

Review, book, buy and….make a present!

In the information sheet available for each food truck you will also find the comments posted by other users and their assessments, just as the most popular TripAdvisor does for other, more traditional kinds of catering.
You can also make a present with one of the several “Streteat Gifts” available online or share your favourite street food with your friends by booking a food truck for private events.

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By Livia Martini