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Hi, tell me something about you…

Hi, I am Lucia and I live in Naples, I have a son and I work for a cleaning company.

How long have you been part of our community – OpinionCity – for?

For 2 years.

What do you think of our community?

I think it is trustworthy and makes things right. When they say something, they always do it.

What kind of products did you test?

I received 3 different types of disposable razors to test within a few weeks. I tried one at a time for a couple of days and then I evaluated them.<

Did anyone asked you to advertise the products you received through word-of-mouth campaigns on social network or to purchase anything?

Not at all. The only thing I was asked to do was to test the products and to self-complete an online questionnaire within the required deadline.


Thank you, Lucia!