I was curious to taste quinoa and share the results of my product test with the whole community. What intrigued me most was to discover whether I would actually find a product with the promised nutritional properties.
Quinoa is, in fact, rich in magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as a valuable source of vegetable proteins, which make it a perfect ally of any vegetarian or vegan.
It is also gluten-free: its flour is used to make several products for celiac.
This said, there is nothing left but get the preparation started and taste this “pseudo-cereal”.


I cook quinoa as reported in the instructions on the back of the package: I rinse it under running water and then let it cook for 10-12 minutes in slightly salted, boiling water.
After draining the seeds, I mix them with sautéed vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and soya sauce, as a friend suggested.
On the Internet there are several recipes on how to season quinoa or how to use it as an ingredient in refined preparation.

The tasting

Its texture is crunchy, like barley, pleasant to chew.
Taste is not very strong but still perceivable, delicate and peculiar.
I found it very digestible and, unexpectedly, an average portion filled me up.
Moreover, the low caloric intake, 368 Kcal per 100g, makes me think it is perfect to get back in shape after Christmas or, more in general, if you are on a healthy and low-cal diet.
After this fully satisfying test, I’m sure I will try other recipes with quinoa, both sweet and savoury: for sure, from now on, I will never ever run out of quinoa!
And you, what do you think? Have you tasted quinoa, yet?