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It was not a chance that I chose Antonio for this “short interview”.
Learning about opinions and feelings of our testers, core of our community and of all the work that goes with it, is always extremely interesting, but the profile of this citizen particularly drew my attention.

A boy just over 25 years of age, different from the usual female, older testers I have had the chance to speak with so far and whose opinions and comments I had reported, in his final year graduating in business economics.
That said, there is nothing left but start our conversation!


D: Hello Antonio, what led you to join OpinionCity and participate in our product tests?

R: A friend of mine told me about this community and the activities proposed, and it immediately caught my attention.
In particular, the stories she told me about the latest test she had taken part in made me curious: the idea of testing a product without knowing what brand it is, no information whatsoever or prejudices, only focusing on the product itself, intrigued me a lot.

I think that people of my generation are particularly influenced by advertising and promotional campaigns, definitely more than our parents.
We have been exposed to this kind of messages ever since our childhood.
Tasting food products for what they are, without being influenced by this mechanism for once, was a nice experience.


D: Had you already had the chance to get in touch with the world of product testing or, more generally, of marketing research?

R: I had heard about some kinds of market research and I vaguely knew how tests are carried out, reading your blog I started learning something more.
This definitely made me want to move somehow from theory to practice so that Manufacturers may know consumer’s idea of their products – in this case, my idea.
And in a real way, this time.
With the entry of companies in social media, you have the impression that you can always have your voice heard but this is just an impression, in fact.
On the contrary, in this case I know that my opinion really has a preferred channel to reach the Manufacturer of the product I tested.


D: In your opinion, are these kind of tests appropriate for young male and female students or are they more addressed to other categories of consumers?

R: I don’t know if they are appropriate or not, what I can definitely tell you is that I enjoyed it very much and I will certainly apply for next tests.
That said, if your kind of product testing is interesting and enjoyable to me, I don’t see why it can’t be for people my age! I passed it on to my friends, I’ll let you know if they enjoy this kind of experience [laughs], I definitely think so!


I thank Antonio, and go back home satisfied with our chat and more and more convinced that talking with you is the best way to improve.


Livia Martini