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Starred chefs’ books, specialized magazines and cooking talent shows are quite clear about that: sous vide cooking (or vacuum cooking) is back in fashion.
Haute cuisine has been for a while now much more than a simple way to fulfill your hunger, but rather a real example of art and entertainment, a multisensory experience.

“Cooking artists” go more and more often above and beyond with their culinary experiments, and mix tradition and innovation in search of the perfect combination.

Sous vide cooking arrives, in fact, from tradition, but it has become much easier and quicker thanks to modern household appliances, i.e. the microwave oven, completely unknown to our grandmothers.

-Instructions for use

All you need to cook using the sous vide technique are mason jars, like the jam ones, where you will pour all the ingredients of your recipe.
You can then put the jar into water bath, in the oven (after putting it into a baking dish with a cm of water), in the microwave – paying attention to removing any metallic elements on the jars – or even in the dishwasher!

This technique can be used to prepare lots of recipes, from meat to fish, to pasta and side dishes: the important thing is to use ingredients with the same cooking times and to learn how to dose liquids properly.

ATTENTION: mushrooms and raw potatoes are not appropriate for sous vide cooking, since they could release toxins during cooking.


With the vacuum cooking technique, you can quickly prepare dishes, save time, gas and electricity and serve them directly in the jar: you’ll leave your guests wide-mouthed!
Moreover, this technique will allow you to easily dose portions and condiments, and to preserve aromas and flavours that other cooking techniques would partially destroy.

-And you, what do you think?

Have you ever heard of sous vide or vacuum cooking? Have you ever tried this technique?

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by Livia Martini