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A large amount of cosmetics currently on the market contain one or more substances defined by experts as not suitable, or even harmful, for our skin.
With this in mind, over the last years more and more people have started to check more carefully the INCI – International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients before purchasing a cosmetic, as an attempt to avoid these substances.
This is definitely not simple, though, since INCIs are rather incomprehensible unless you are an expert in the field: for this reason, many people now choose to buy “bio” certified products, which contain natural ingredients and no chemical substances.
Unfortunately, natural cosmetics are mostly much more expensive and the choice range is definitely not as wide.

-Homemade cosmetics

A good solution to save money and to be totally aware of what you apply onto our skin is to make cosmetics with our own hands, in our kitchen and by using products coming from our cupboard and our fridge!
Several recipes to prepare beauty masks, scrubs, hair treatments, make-up removal products and many more are available on the Internet and in books dedicated to the topic.
At a very low cost we can make 100% natural cosmetics, perfectly meeting our needs, by exploiting the natural properties of several ingredients, like: honey, lemon, eggs and oil, and the exfoliating properties of salt, sugar and bicarbonate.
Since no preservatives are used, once prepared, homemade cosmetics will be stored in the fridge for maximum 2-3 weeks, depending on the ingredients used.

-And you? What do you think about it? Have you ever made cosmetics on your own?

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by Pierluigi Salzano