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Testpoint Milan

Testpoint Milan

A functional space where you can meet consumers and listen to their needs. 450 square metres divided into various areas. A comfortable location that makes the testing experience ideal for anybody who takes part in it.

Room Size 5,20 x 7,06
Interviewing room A
Room Size 6,41 x 4,70
Multifunctional room / viewing room A
Room Size 7,73 x 3,56
Interviewing room B
Room Size 3,69 x 3,65
Viewing room B
Room Size 5,00 x 4,06
Consumer testing Area
Room Size 12,35 x 4,03

Testpoint Milano – Via Desiderio, 25 20131 Milano

  • Distance from Airport: 6,5 Km
  • Distance from Railway Station: 2,5 Km
  • Mezzi pubblici: Metropolitana Linea 2 (fermata Lambrate, uscita per via Pacini)
  • By-street recruitment: very easy
  • Car parking: metered parking allowed within blue lines / parking available at private car parks

About Milan

Milan is the most European Italian city: efficient, reflecting several cultural influences along with its own personality, though – the city of fashion, business and design.


Popolazione: 8.988.951
Superficie (Kmq): 23872
Densità(Ab/Kmq.): 377
Capoluogo: Milano (MI)
Altre Province: Bergamo (BG); Brescia (BS); Como (CO); Cremona (CR); Lecco (LC); Lodi (LO); Mantova (MN); Milano (Capoluogo di regione); Monza e Brianza(MB); Pavia (PV); Sondrio (SO); Varese(VA)

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Vibrant blend of history and modernity, the center of Milan reflects the spirit of the city. In the heart of one of the most exclusive neighborhoods, between the architectural majesty of the Duomo and the cultural traditions of La Scala Theatre, the antiquary shops and the sophisticated restaurants, there is a hotel of unparalleled distinction. Luxurious and intimate, the Pierre Hotel gives an atmosphere of refined elegance, dear to the most attentive travelers.

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An authentic city “relay” in the heart of old Milan. Are you tired of large, impersonal and charmless hotels? The Hotel Regina is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ristorante Bioesserì by NaturaSì

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Bioesserì vi aspetta tutti i giorni per una colazione naturale, per un pranzo sano e veloce, per uno spuntino leggero, ma anche per un aperitivo gustoso e creativo o per una cena elegante e raffinata.

California Bakery

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Il profumo delle cose buone appena sfornate è riuscito a conquistare tanti clienti e amici che abitano a Milano e altri che vengono appositamente in città per vivere un dolcissimo angolo di America, in otto luoghi che curiamo in ogni minimo dettaglio.

(Per una visualizzazione completa utilizza il telefono in orizzontale)

Professional Services
By-street recruitment Yes
Recruitment on client’s list Yes
Online recruitment Yes
Recruitment via social networks Yes
CAPI/CATI/CAWI interviews Yes
Purchase of incentives Yes
Catering Yes
Simultaneous translation equipment Yes
Moderation Yes
Note-taking Yes
Equipment for product tests /sniff tests
Test booths Up to 24
Sample preparation area Yes
Kitchen Yes
N° of booths for sniff tests Up to 24
Warehouse area Yes
Equipment for focus groups/qualitative surveys
Interviewing rooms 1
Viewing rooms with one-way mirror 1 per max 10
Technical services
Audio and video recording Yes
Webcam based interview Yes
Web streaming Yes
Simultaneous translation equipment Yes
Focus Vision Yes
Kitchen 1
Total cold storage capacity [L] 1500
Freezer total capacity [L] 1200
Microwave Ovens 4
Electric ovens 2

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