Bulletin board online

A Bulletin Board Online is a methodology of qualitative research whereby a group of people participate in a forum moderated by an expert moderator, carried out over several days.
Participants, selected according to more or less strict criteria according to the topic discussed, are invited to log in using their personal username and password. The duration of a BB is extremely variable, it can last from a few days to some weeks.
BBs are asynchronous, i.e. do not take place in real time: the moderator regularly posts questions and participants can log on at their leisure and answer the moderator’s or other participants questions and probes.
Flexibility and duration are some of the main advantages of the BBs. In addition they offer the possibility to have wider groups than a FG, namely even up to 30, with participants distributed over a potentially unlimited geographical area, since participants connect remotely through their pc; a high level of interaction and the possibility of sharing multimedia contents; the possibility, for the moderator and/or Client, to access the results and print the transcripts at any point in the study.

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