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testpoint Napoli

This facility is characterized by the viewing room, whose design recalls the most innovative european models: amphitheater-shaped, the room can comfortably host up to 12 people.
Inside the room, there is an independent simultaneous translator’s cabin with a double-language recording system. The location is situated in the inner city, a few hundred metres away from the most elegant area of Naples.


Room size4,10 x 4,75


Room size2,3 x 4

multipurpose room A

Room size4,21 x 6,25

viewing room A

Room size3,43 x 6,25

multipurpose room B

Room size4,57 x 3,6

viewing room B

Room size4,57 x 2,86

multipurpose room C

Room size4,5 x 3,6

Napoli: Facility consumer fieldwork

Testpoint Napoli – C.so Vittorio Emanuele, 122 80121 Napoli

  • Distance from airport: 6,5 Km
  • Distance from the railway station: 5,5 Km
  • Urban public transportation: bus C28, Underground – Line 2 (underground station “Piazza Amedeo”), Cumana
  • Car parking: metered parking allowed within blue lines / parking available at private car parks nearby.

About Naples

A city full of contradictions, history, traditions that you must visit. Stendhal wrote: “I’m leaving. I will never forget neither via Toledo, nor all the other districts of Naples; in my eyes it is, beyond comparison, the most beautiful city in the universe.” The facility is situated downtown, a few hundred meters from the city’s most elegant center.

Population: 5.796.899
Surface (sq Km): 13595
Population (Inh / sq Km): 426
Main Municipality: Napoli (NA)
Other Municipalities: Avellino (AV); Benevento (BN); Caserta (CE); Salerno (SA)

Useful links

Grand Hotel Parker’ s

Web site

The charm, the feelings, the landscape, the flavors of Naples. All this, with the elegance and five-star service of the Grand Hotel Parker’s.

Hotel Britannique

Web site

The charm of the hotel has remained unchanged and depends not only on the kindness of the staff, but also on the Empire,Louis XVI, Art Nouveau and Art Deco original furniture, handed down from father to son for three generations during the 120 years of activity.

Royal Continental

Web site

The Royal Continental is on Naples promenade. It will be easy to get lost between the sea and the symbols of the city: opposite the hotel, the legendary Castel dell’Ovo and the Borgo Marinari, a few minutes’ walk, Piazza del Plebiscito, and, just ahead, the Maschio Angioino.

Antonio & Antonio

Trip Advisor


Web site

Professional Services

By-street recruitment
Recruitment on client’s listYes
Online recruitmentYes
Recruitment via social networksYes
CAPI/CATI/CAWI interviewsYes
Purchase of incentivesYes
Simultaneous translationYes

Equipment for product tests /sniff tests

BoothsUp to 30
Sample preparation areaYes
N° of booths for sniff testsUp to 15
Warehouse areaYes

Equipment for focus groups/qualitative surveys

Interviewing rooms1 for max 12 people
1 for max 8 people
Viewing rooms with one-way mirror1 for max 12 people

1 for max 6 people

Technical services

Audio and video recordingYes
Web cam based interviewYes
Web streamingYes
Simultaneous translation equipmentYes
Focus VisionYes


Total cold storage capacity [L]520
Freezer total capacity [L]130
Microwave ovens1
Electric ovens

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