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We know that nowadays every aspect of our life and every choice we make as consumers are constantly and carefully monitored through specific market research that helps companies make commercial decisions as close as possible to the tastes and needs of potential buyers. But would you have ever imagined that a surveywas used to define and evaluate the most appreciated type of breakfast croissant involving regular consumers of this product? Testpoint recently worked on answering this “sweet” question. We will tell you how it went.

A focus group for a croissant

Testpoint recently carried out some focus groups to evaluate the liking of some types of croissants in order to understand how consumer habits for a product that can no longer be missing from our breakfastare evolving in Italy.

In a room of a special facility (central location), equipped with a one-way mirror so that the clients could attend and assist , 10 people – men and women, consumers of croissants for breakfast and who mainly buy the product at the bakery counter of the supermarket -were invited.

Today, in many supermarkets there is a bakery-pastry counter that offers a wide choice not only of bread, pizzas and focaccias but also of croissants, from the classic ones, empty or stuffed in different ways to those prepared with various types of flour, those with cereals and honey, vegan ones, gluten-free ones etc.

How the focus group was carried out

Let’s go step by step. It was a fairly long chat (almost 3 hours) in which the moderator started by asking each of the participants to tell their breakfast habits (where respondents have breakfast, what they usually have for breakfast, where they buy the different products, especially the baked ones) and then focus on the croissants and favorite flavors.

In the central location room there was an exhibitor similar to what you can find in the supermarket with all the types of croissants produced by the client company for the bakery corner of a well-known supermarket chain: the participants, in the final stages of the conversation, were invited to evaluate the visual impact of the product on their purchase intentions. It was necessary to understand how appealing the different products were, how much consumers were attracted to the new proposals or how “traditionalist” they were.

A tasting was not required, since it was a test that intended to evaluate the visual aspect of the product and not its taste, but of course the respondents could also eatit if they wanted!

Let’s ask one of the participants to tell us about her experience. This is Gabriella, 25 years old, from Rome, university student:

“For me, breakfast is an important moment of the day and I am always careful when choosing what I eat. I like to buy fresh croissant and eat it fresh from the oven, and I found that it is a valid solution to buy it at the bakery-pastry counter of the supermarket near my house.

It was interesting for me to participate in this focus group, I never imagined that time would pass so quickly. I found myself with people with whom it was pleasant to deal with.

The moderator, a very nice and engaging person, made us talk about our eating habits, especially as regards breakfast. We talked about our favorite croissants and where we buy them most frequently.

Finally … surprise! We approached a corner that until then had remained hidden and we discovered a little counter of croissants that reproduced what is found in the supermarket. There were all types of croissants, from the most traditional to the most innovative! We were asked, judging only on the basis of the visual impact, which we would choose and why. A taste was not required, but if we wanted, we could also take one. In short, three hours have practically flown and I had a lot of fun!”


Partecipare ai test: un’esperienza interessante

Chi è stato reperito per i nostri test si augura di essere selezionato nuovamente perché trova l’esperienza simpatica e utile: i partecipanti trovano molto interessante poter dare la propria opinione in modo che le aziende realizzino i loro prodotti ascoltando il parere dei consumatori.

Partecipa anche tu ai nostri test

Partecipare ad un test può essere molto interessante e stimolante.
Partecipando ai test, alcuni con invio gratuito di prodotti a domicilio, altri presso le nostre location, si ha la possibilità di valutare prodotti cosmetici, prodotti alimentari, tecnologici e di tante altre tipologie.

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