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This time we want to share with you a very special case study: the recruitment that Test Point carried out to find women willing to test a new injectable filler.

A little retouch… for free!

Let’s be honest, the aesthetic treatments – especially the magic “retouches” – are the secret dream of all women from the … big four-oh onwards. Unfortunately, a serious treatment, carried out by a good cosmetic surgeon, costs quite a bit and it is not for everyone.

And if you were contacted for a treatment with a new injectable filler free of charge? And if the treatment took place at the office of a famous cosmetic surgeon in Milan? If everything was not only free, but your availability was even rewarded with a gift? It is what has been proposed to 15 ladies recruited by Test Point!

Matter of … filler : the recruitment

We tell you how it went. In view of a cosmetic surgery conference, a famous surgeon in Milan needed to test a new-generation injectable filler on ladies aged 50 and up who had normal expression lines, crow’s feet, etc. on their faces that anyone has at that age. The data collected would then be presented during the conference.

Testpoint was therefore in charge of recruiting ladies with these characteristics willing to undergo a treatment with this new injectable filler.
The profiles of these women were transmitted to the doctor who selected the ones he considered most suitable.

The selected ladies went to the doctor’s office where a special photographic set was set up to document the “before”. Then it came the time of treatment with injections. We know that fillers are substances widely used in modern aesthetic medicine to fight blemishes such as wrinkles and other signs of skin aging and they are administered by injection into the subcutaneous or deep dermis.

The ladies were invited to return to the doctor’s office after a week for a check-up and to be photographed again to document the “after”.

The experience of Giovanna M.

A truly unusual experience! Let’s learn everything from one of the ladies recruited by Test Point. This is Giovanna M., 55 y. o., from the province of Milan.

“Really, I coudn’t believe when I answered the call from the Test Point recruiter! For a moment I thought it might be a joke … They asked me if I was interested in undergoing a beauty treatment to reduce expression lines around the eyes and lips, for free, even with a fee for my participation! And who wouldn’t accept immediately? I sent the photos that had been requested that highlighted my imperfections and I waited. I was very happy when I was contacted and was informed that I was among the selected respondents. Then when I heard where I should go and who was the famous cosmetic surgeon who would perform the treatment, I was really speechless! It was a wonderful experience: at the doctor’s office a sort of photo set was set up to document the before and after, everyone was very kind to me and made me feel privileged. I would certainly do this experience again. Thanks, Test Point! “