300 exit interviewsfor a well-known clothing brand

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of any company. In fact, every commercial activity aims to establish a stable relationship with its customers over time, that can only be achieved if the company is able to intercept clients’ needs, desires and expectations. But how do you measure the level of customer satisfaction? It’s easy, just […]

Remote IDIs to test a website

Esperienziali. Interviste online
Recently, Testpoint carried out a series of remote interviews in order to test a website. It was an e-commerce website for a large-scale retail chain and the goal was to verify how clear the website was, how intuitive to surf, how complete and comprehensive in offering products, how easy to use in the payments section. […]

300 telephone interviews for an eyewear brand

Telephone interviews – the so-called CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview)interviews – represent one of the most classic market research methodologies as they allow you to quickly reach a very large and well-distributed sample of respondents throughout the national territory. They are particular useful when it is necessary to investigate the Customer Satisfaction, i.e. the level […]

Expert tasters assess a coffee blend

Esperienziali. Esperti assaggiatori
We have already talked about expert tasters, people with particularly sensitive and “trained” senses who are able to give a precise numerical evaluation of the characteristics of a product. Today we want to tellabout the experience of some of these experts called to evaluate some new blends for a well-known coffee company: these people are […]
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